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Hello and Welcome to my website! 

I know that making the first step in reaching out can be difficult, especially if you have never been in therapy before.  I believe some people struggle with preconceived ideas about what therapy actually is all about. I take the approach that therapy is a form of taking care of yourself just as you would go to the dentist if you had a tooth ache or go to the chiropractor if your back went out.  Difficult life experiences and transitions that we struggle with sometimes can become overwhelming.


So if you are suffering and are feeling stuck, if a relationship or marriage is troubling for you, if your family doesn't get along, if parenting is difficult, if you are experiencing a significant loss, if your anxiety is getting the best of you or if your depression has got you paralyzed, then seeking a good therapist will lead you to finding relief. 

If you are looking for someone to understand what your are experiencing, someone to help you believe you can make it through life challenges,  provide hope, help you break through barriers and previous trauma's, provide tools and help you find inner strength and unlimited possibilities  to assist you in getting to the other side of your difficulties, then we will make a good fit.

I provide a safe, nurturing environment for you to explore and process what is happening without any judgment and with compassion. I have many years of life experience myself and believe in the human potential to heal.  Let's take this journey together of unraveling who you are, gain insights, find out how to follow your dreams, improve your relationships and feel better.

My office is located in Manhattan Beach.


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